Got Video?

Posted on April 19, 2010 by humbleguru

Video works for you in many ways. Let me help you with this!

When you need your website to look great, perhaps an animation or video repourposed for your site. I can help. Many of my clients have created TV commercials and recieved a DVD when production was complete on the commercial. The commercial ran, but now what do you do with that nice video now that youre no longer paying to have it run on the local TV channel? Well, here is a plan, let me pull the video off the DVD, I can edit the content, either expand on the video, leave it as it is or even shorten it. The video can be converted to a format suitable for YouTube and posted there. When it sits on YouTube it can be helping not only your exposure, it helps your Google and Yahoo search status to have a link to an industry appropriate video on a video hosting site.

Basically it can only help to get your commercial off the disc and onto the internet. So, dig through your old media files and find something that we can re-purpose for you. 

If you dont have a commercial but think this would be a good opportunity to expand your online presence, I can help! Its pretty easy to construct a 30 second spot for your business from static images, text and either music or a voice over.  Together we can work out the details of your ad and get it hosted on a popular video site and sitting on your site for your visitors to watch as well.

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