Make Your Own Gold

Posted on February 3, 2011 by humbleguru

Much talk in the news about buying gold. With the economy in the shape that its in, its understandable, however the gold I am talking about is in the footage and stills that you take. It is well worth the time to stop, get photos of your children, your pets, your house…yourself. As time passes the value of those pictures will only increase in value. Someday they will be worth gold to you.

I know it sounds cliche, but take for example the images that you have of yourself, think back to your favorite images of you as a child… an image in mind?….Okay, now think about your recollection of that period of time in your life. Often your memories are almost entirely based on that image alone. Were it not for a thoughtful, caring parent and that image, you might hardly be able to recall much of anything of that time.

It just goes to show that photography and videography is more about creating lasting memories than a simple hobby or pastime.

So, take it from someone who has missed countless opportunities to grab a camera, and GRAB A CAMERA, take some pictures, shoot some video and make lasting memories of whatever is going on, no matter how mundane. As time passes it wont seem so mundane after all.

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