The Perfect Job

Posted on February 5, 2011 by humbleguru

How perfect would it be to travel with a family to some beautiful tropical vacation spot like Cancun, Mexico or Disneyland or perhaps an African Safari. I have thought about this often and hope one day to get the chance.

Currently my gear includes a Canon 7D which is perfect for gorgeous stills and amazing HD video capture. I also have a Canon HV30 that would work perfectly for time lapse shooting or even letting members of the family operate as it is very easy to use and captures very high quality video in well lit environments. My newest addition is a little GoPro Hero which works both as an underwater camera as well as being rugged enough to mount to a moped handlebar, the front of a kayak or even under a jeep for that unique angle when taking a tour of Moab, Utah perhaps.

So give that some thought when you are planning your next vacation. For a little more money, you can come back from your vacation with an amazing, professionally produced video and slew of beautiful still photos which you would probably never be able to capture yourself without years of training and thousands of dollars in equipment purchases.

I am currently available to film your next vacation! May I suggest Hawaii?

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