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Posted on May 8, 2013 by humbleguru


This report will sum up the results of a search to find a suitable SEO reporting tool to be used to inform new and existing clients of the importance and benefits of SEO by first analyzing their existing web site to determine the areas in need of attention. A suitable tool should include the following features:

Required Features

  • Report on all fundamental SEO attributes of a specified web site.
  • Provide easy to understand explanations for all collected metrics
  • Be accessible in some portion as a free analysis tool w/o requiring an email address
  • Provide helpful suggestions based on findings that any non-expert can understand.

Optional Features

  • Report findings exportable as .PDF

Why The Need?

There is a need to be able to provide a complete report to a potential client regarding their existing web site’s state of SEO readiness or search engine visibility. A useful tool would be able to quickly scan a web site and report on areas where work is needed, where work has been completed and suggest procedures that would help improve search engine visibility.

What Was Found

Several days of searching revealed a few things. The first of which is that there is almost no end to the list of SEO procedures one can perform in hopes of increasing web site visibility. There are countless web sites dedicated to separating you from your money for a promise of increased web site traffic. Amongst all the noise and scams there was found a bounty of information and well produced web sites explaining many of the common techniques used to help businesses become more visible online. Here is a partial listing of sites I found to be useful and whose services I would consider paying for. The are listed in order of most favored to least.

Suggested Action

Now, I am not the most SEO savvy person out there, mostly my approach is to do the most basic, obvious things and then encourage the client to maintain, update and enhance their site once it is completely in their control. Knowing that, I would suggest that if the intent is to develop an SEO analysis service to market and sell to potential clients, a good starting approach would be to use all of these tools to build a report of a client’s site and then present the findings and see if a sale is made. If it proves out that this is a popular, profitable service, a boiler plate report can be created, data can be pulled using these tools and dropped into place and presented. If, over time one site’s features and usability shine over the others, perhaps signing up for a subscription to the more advance data would be a reasonable approach.

Other Useful Information

In my search other very useful sites were found that I will likely reference often as they were very informative, well designed and useful.








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